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Features and Benefits of mPACS Insurance Software


Our insurance software allows you to create reports and graphs directly from your data without the need for any developer.


Define your own fields for use in the application and in reporting.


Use any data in rating from the simple to the complex and upload from spreadsheets with our rating engine.


Produce insurer bordereaux and agent statements with ease and interface with Sage or your preferred accounting package.


Use the quote wizard to define your question order for any insurance product.


Let the application invite your policies saving you time.


Define templates for all documents. Assign rules against so they are only used when required.


Manage claims effortlessly and easily.  Import images and correspondence into the database so that everything is in one place.


All transactions can be found with a unique reference.  Every change is audited so you know who made the change and when.


Use our APIs to interface with your other systems or your website and put an end to rekeying of data.


Create new insurance products easily so you can get them to the market in record time.


Record marketing preferences to allow bulk emails, texts and mailings and interact on social media.

Insurance Software from Mandon

About Mandon Software

Mandon Software Limited is passionate about creating effective insurance software which makes our clients' lives easier.

Quite simply, we develop software which not only works well and is effortless to use but will help your company achieve its business goals, whatever they are. We will listen carefully to your needs before proposing a solution which is completely right for you and meets your requirements. enormous help in our business..

Porthcawl Insurance Consultants (UK) Ltd

..after sales support has been of great assistance..

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..reliable and conscientious in approach..

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