Mandon Software's 2019 journey

2019 was a stellar year for Mandon. From awards and recognition through to growth and innovation, the business has been truly firing on all cylinders. Ever since Mandon was first established in 1999 there has been a hunger to do more and make a difference, not just to the clients that the company works with but also to the industry we operate in. It’s often speculated that only the big FinTech companies can make a difference today – and that they have the insurance sector ‘sown up’ – however, Mandon continues to be one of the most innovative and forward thinking problem solvers in the industry, as the progress made in 2019 shows.

Creating new apps

Mandon has worked with International Construction Warranties (ICW) – a building warranty supplier - as a client for roughly three years and the business has grown significantly thanks to the structure provided by the MPACS framework. In 2019 it was time to use the technical expertise and creative vision at Mandon to develop an app for ICW, one that would work with MPACS and which could be taken out to sites on tablet computers by ICW surveyors. The collaborative project has produced an app that is genuinely useful to ICW and the way that the business functions.

For example, it captures photographs from sites as well as signatures from both customers and surveyors and helps to ensure that quality documents are provided to customers. The app has ICW’s own branding and integrates a number of key features that specifically support the ICW model, including ensuring the app is available 24/7, that data is accessible in real time and that the technology can cope with the volume and complexity of ICW’s business, which includes insuring more than 10,000 projects. The app has had huge benefits for the enterprise, including speeding up manual processes by up to 40% saving surveyors 3 hours per day.

Growing and expanding

2019 also saw Mandon embark on a range of other projects. For example, working with broker who specialises in staff absence policies for schools who was mainly using the claims functionality of the MPACS software. Last year Mandon worked with the broker to configure MPACS for use. The business has also partnered with charities, for example, working alongside a charity with an insurance broker arm designed mostly for small councils, which would benefit considerably from the MPACS approach.

Mandon is also expanding more into the international market. In 2019 this involved partnering up with a healthcare start-up in Zimbabwe and this year will mean expanding into the US. This expansion comes as part of working with ICW, which will be using MPACS as its business application of choice from the start of its adventure across the pond.

After successes and growth in 2019, Mandon is looking to go further and do more in 2020. This is going to involve integrating the most innovative technology, such as artificial intelligence, and developing new interfaces with third parties such as Experian and Premium Credit. It will also see the business expanding and supporting the next generation of forward thinking talent into the industry.

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